So, you take vitamins.
That’s great! But, do you know what’s really in them?




Supplements, if not from the right ingredients, often aren’t digested properly—and worse—can often contain pesticides and GMOs negating the positive benefits.

Dr. Afshari works with Standard Process providing discounts to
all-natural, whole-food nutrient supplements.



"Millions of Americans today are taking dietary supplements, practicing yoga and integrating other natural therapies into their lives. These are all preventive measures that will keep them out of the doctor's office and drive down the costs of treating serious problems like heart disease and diabetes."

Andrew Weil


Dr. Ali is an amazing doctor, professional, and person, I highly recommend him not only as a chiropractor but also as a nutritionist. He cares about his patients seriously and that's what makes him the best

Alex C.

Why Standard Process?

Since 1929, SP supplements have been made with whole-foods and high-quality ingredients.
All ingredients are sourced organically and their main farm and headquarters 
is located in Palymra, Wisconsin. 


Complete liquid nutrition: all in one ounce.

Dr. Afshari is in love with this stuff. It’s organic, contains over 415 essential ingredients, and provides you with all you need to get the day going. And, it's not a shake. Not a cup. Just a quick shot, tasty shot of vitamins and minerals.

Ask about trying Intramax during your next office visit.

Questions about Natural Supplements

Can natural supplements be harmful to overall health?

Yes. If you aren't taking the right supplements for your body, or are taking the incorrect dosing amounts you can be causing your body serious harm. Before starting any supplement, we highly recommend consulting a physician or health professional.


What are the best natural supplements?

The best natural supplements are those that are sourced from whole-food sources. After all, it is better to get nutrition as close as you can to its source. 



What's the best natural supplement for anxiety?

Supplements that contain a combination of Vitamin A, B Vitamins, and natural lavender, ashwagandha root, or chamomile can help when treating anxiety.


Why are natural supplements good for you?

Natural vitamins and supplements absorb better, giving you more of the necessary chemicals your body needs to function at its maximum. Natural supplements mimic food sources, but still, need to be taken properly in order to work effectively. Before starting any supplement, be sure to talk to your health provider.